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Advancing Performance

Research and Evaluation


Systematic determination of success factors and identification of best practice examples of municipal climate partnerships

Determination of success factors of five projects from three climate partnerships in renewable energy and energy efficiency in South Africa and Tanzania.

Engagement Global
Jun. 2021 - Nov. 2021

Research and Evaluation


EU Project Marburg without partner violence

Scientific monitoring and evaluation of the project Marburg without Partner Violence. Elaboration of transferable best practice models and documentation of the impact on women, children, perpetrators and relevant actors affected by violence.

University of Marburg
Apr. 2021 - Nov. 2021

Research and Evaluation


Meta-evaluation on the quality of (project) evaluations in German Development Cooperation

Coding of organisational documents (e.g. evaluation reports, terms of references, evaluation concepts, etc.) of evaluations along a coding guide and an analysis grid.

German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval)
Apr. 2021 - Mar. 2022

Economic Development


Pitch training for participants of the SDGs Innovation Challenge

Pitch training for 20 participants from different African countries who developed business/project ideas in small groups as part of the SDGs Innovation Challenge. Training content: Presentation structure (pitch deck), elaborating the USP, presentation styles and design. The aim of the training was to develop a coherent, convincing pitch deck that is also suitable for investors.

Melton Foundation
Oct. 2021 - Nov. 2021

Economic Development


Manager Training Programme - Development of a blended learning course on "Change Management"

Development of an e-learning course using "Articulate 360" and making it available via a Learning Management System. Implementation of accompanying face-to-face training modules for 2 groups of 15 participants 

Oct. 2021 - Dec. 2021

Economic Development


Connective Cities – international community of practice for sustainable urban development

1. Design, facilitation and technical implementation of virtual events and trainings about "private sector development", "innovation clusters", "urban poverty", "Local Economic Development". Moreover, Combeo mobilized the participants (representatives from cities and institutions) and prepared the good practices for the Connective Cities website. Software: BigBlueButton, MS Teams, MURAL, Miro.

2. Conducting a baseline study on the topic of "sustainable innovation clusters" in Ghana, Bangladesh and Jordan. The aim of the study is to identify best practices and formulate recommendations for action that can be transferred worldwide.

Nov. 2020 - Aug. 2021

Economic Development


Manager Training Programme -

Training and Tutoring

Combeo Consult offers tutoring and training for entrepreneurs from numerous countries to support them in building business relationships with German companies. 

CEFE International GmbH
Mar. 2020 - today

Security & Risk Management


Framework agreement for the execution of Business Partner Screenings

Conducting risk assessments (business partner screenings) to identify, and evaluate any negative effect on the reputation of GIZ or German development cooperation that might result from GIZ’s cooperation with private-sector partners, commissioning parties or clients and subsidy providers. The business partner screening process is an integral component of GIZ’s risk management system. 

Jan. 2022 - Jan. 2024

Security & Risk Management


Development of a Training Strategy for the African Union Mechanism for Police Cooperation (AFRIPOL)

Development of a comprehensive training strategy, inclusive of an implementation road map, that helps shape Afripol's future actions in the field of combatting transnational crime. The training strategy is developed in close cooperation with Afripol.

Jan. 2022 - Jul. 2022

Security & Risk Management


Establishment of a risk management system

Analysing and evaluating the operational and organisational structure of the risk management (RM)/security system of GIZ followed by detailed recommendations for action.

 Accompanying the implementation process. Co-designing the RM office and project staff training on RM. Needs analysis and conceptualisation (in cooperation with AIZ).

Jun. 2014 - Mar. 2015

Security & Risk Management


Risk management and security concepts in fragile states

Supporting a more effective implementation of GIZ RM and security concepts in fragile countries worldwide.Clarifying the usability of the reprocessed Afghanistan experience. Close cooperation with the RM office Africa. Elaboration and further development of strategies at a GIZ management conference in Namibia.

Apr. 2015 - Dec. 2015


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