Sophie Brisach - Odekerken, CEO

During her M.A. in Political Science at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, with an emphasis on analysis and comparison of world regions, Sophie started focusing on security and risk management, especially in the context of international cooperation projects.


She worked in her family's consulting firm from an early age and expanded her knowledge by working for GIZ and other consulting companies.


Her current topics are elaboration (evaluation and development) of security concepts and consultancy on personnel security in projects.


Marlene Trost, CEO

During her M.A. in European Studies at the Universities of Osnabrück, Angers and Murcia, Marlene developed a passion for intercultural communication and professionalized her skills in French and Spanish. 

After working for GIZ, she took on a new challenge as project coordinator and CEO in a consulting company focussing on International Cooperation.


Her current topics are Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, which she works on in formats such as trainings, E-learnings and (virtual) study tours.



2014: Founding of BCSC - Brisach Comprehensive Security Consulting GmbH  


2014-2020: Provision of in-depth advice on security and risk management 


2020: We began to exchange ideas and visions and saw a lot of synergies between our personal backgrounds


End of 2020: We decided to take over BCSC


2021: We continued under our new name Combeo Consult and with a broader focus